Wayne Wilkins is not only a sought after record producer, songwriter, and musician.   But with an innate entrepreneurial drive, he also runs his own record label, Croydon Boy, and publishing company, Ego Frenzy.

He attributes a lot of his career success and musical development to the vibrant and inspiring music scene in Croydon, where he grew up.

Wayne started playing classical piano at the age of four, and shortly after was awarded a scholarship by the Croydon Schools Piano Center at the age of seven. 

This lead on to study piano at the Royal College of Music in London, while simultaneously graduating with a physics degree from Imperial College. He credits London for having shaped his culturally diverse approach and sound. 

Wayne has gone on to have an international career and now spends most of his time working with the industry’s biggest artists, songwriters and producers in todays popular music world. 

Croydon Boy is always on the look out for talented artists, producers, and writers to collaborate with and continually searches out partnerships with creative, forward looking entrepreneurs who want to help further the cause of getting great music out in to the world.